No-Ice Heated Stairs

Over twenty years of research and application experience has resulted in a unique electrical surface heating system to safely remove ice and snow from stairs.

Ice free stairs and ramps. Imagine the benefits!

  • Accident prevention and decreased liability
  • Eliminate the cost of manual snow removal
  • Eliminate the destructive action of grit and de-icing chemicals on stair structures

How No-Ice Heated Stairs work
Granite, because of the durability and high stability of the surface, has proven to be an ideal material for fabrication of the No-Ice Heated Stairs. The back of the stair treads are grooved to accept the heating cables. The cables are secured and sealed into the stone with a special compound that adapts to the expansion, humidity, and temperature factors or the applications. The control system contains a temperature and moisture sensor. Wet freezing conditions will trigger the sensors to call for power to heat the cables. A freezing temperature alone, without moisture, will not call for heat. No energy will be wasted resulting in a very economical solution to ice and snow removal.

The stairs and landings will be delivered to site complete with embedded cables. The site can be pre-wired with supply power cables to a predetermined point of connection. Connections from supply power to the stair cables will be made on site. A location and power stub-up will need to be located for the control equipment.
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