Carl Schilling Stoneworks offers only stone that has been time tested to be suitable as an enduring building material. In addition to the stone displayed on our website CSS has relationships with quarries around the globe and can offer an unlimited variety of stone. Contact us regarding matching a particular stone or locating an economical alternate.


Traditionally PreCast is thought of as a veneer of natural stone secured to a concrete panel. We have something quite different.

Our CSS PreCast product is actually cast in block form, much like a quarry block. During fabrication, we treat the CSS PreCast material just like natural stone. We can gang saw the material into slabs for cladding or paving. We can produce cubic pieces for profiles, columns, or moldings. Some PreCast products have a slightly unnatural look as a result of the molding process, this is not the case with CSS PreCast. There are also no form costs with CSS PreCast.

Complete architectural control means endless design possibilities!
The architect would have control over the color, texture, and appearance of the material. Essentially create a new stone! Aggregate could be a part of the mix to produce a terrazzo like look. Ground sandstone could be added for a natural sandstone appearance. Consistency and color can be controlled quite easily for restoration projects. Other materials like glass can be added for a totally unique appearance. The design potential is endless. Contact us with some of your ideas.

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