Carl Schilling Stoneworks offers only stone that has been time tested to be suitable as an enduring building material. In addition to the stone displayed on our website CSS has relationships with quarries around the globe and can offer an unlimited variety of stone. Contact us regarding matching a particular stone or locating an economical alternate.


We are continually experimenting with new finishes and incorporating the techniques into production. Below you will a selection of finishes offered. Contact us if you are looking for something you do not see here.


Highly reflective glass-like sheen.


There are varying degrees of hone, from a non-reflective dull surface to a slight sheen.


A regular textured finish created by an abrasive blown at the stone under high pressure.

Bush hammered

A textured finish created mechanically using a chisel-type tool. The marks of the tool lightens the appearance of the stone.


A rough textured surface appearing as natural rock surface achieved by utilizing the uncut portion of the block or created by using a chisel on the edge of the stone.


A rough irregular finish achieved by subjecting the surface of the stone to high heat of a direct pressurized flame. Sometimes the flame is combined with pressurized water. The appearance is somewhat similar to a natural cleft look.

Also available from Carl Schilling Stoneworks...

Aqua Power Wash

A rough but soft looking finish. High pressure water is directed at the surface. Unlike sandblasting or the other impact finishing techniques which whitens the stone, aqua power washing preserves the dark rich colors of the stone.


A regular textured finish created by peening the surface with steel shot. The action of the grit used in the sawing process can also give a steel shot appearance.


A combination of two processes are used to create this finish. The surface of the stone is sandblasted and then the surface is brushed with coarse wire brush. The appearance is textured but soft looking and the surface is smooth to the touch.

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