Stone Anchoring Systems- ISR Plus

CSS has developed and refined a proven innovative method of installing and anchoring stone cladding. ISR stands for Individual Support and Retention. Each piece of stone is individually supported and mounted to an aluminum grid framework. There are no rigid connections providing applications for projects in areas with seismic activity.

A unique drilling process and a specially designed anchor holds a panel clip to the back of the stone panel. The stone with the panel clip is hung onto an aluminum grid framework. The support of the panel from the back eliminates anchors in the joints and provides twice the holding power, allowing larger panel sizes in thinner stone and less weight on the structure. Because there are no anchors in the joints the ISR Plus system is perfect for rain screen applications. Why waste money on caulking the joints and the ongoing maintenance of re-caulking? Leave the joints open and let the building cavity breath and avoid damaging condensation.

ISR Plus is a totally mechanical system. There are no adhesives, no mortar, and no silicone. The system allows the setting of stone in freezing conditions unlike traditional mortar setting methods. The schedule for installation of stone becomes much more flexible as each course of stone is not dependent on the lower course. Once installed the stone panels can be removed, if necessary, without damaging the panel.

The installation of stone using ISR Plus is faster and more flexible than traditional setting methods. Please contact us with questions about your project.

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